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Agenda for 10 March 2020

Agenda 10 March 2020 Agenda-10.3.2020.pdf 404.4 KB Draft Minutes for 11 February 2020 A1-Minutes-11.2.2020.pdf 428.5 KB Wiltshire Council Update Report Allison-Bucknell-Progress-report-Feb-2020-(1).pdf 424.9 KB Draft Disciplinary Policy A2-Disciplinary-Policy-Draft-26.2.2020.pdf 688.2 KB Draft Grievency Policy A3-Grievance-Policy-draft-26.2.2020.pdf 459.2 KB Draft Sickness Policy A4-Sickness-Policy---4.3.2020.pdf 402.3 KB Draft Safeguaring Policy A5-Safeguardig-Policy-draft-26.2.2020.pdf 473.3 KB Draft H&S Policy A6-Health-and-Safety-Policy-4.3.2020.pdf 455.5 KB Draft ToR for Working Groups A7-ToRs-for-Working-Groups-4.3.2020.pdf 555.3 KB Draft Grant Policy A8-Grant-Policy-4.3.2020.pdf 243.1 KB Draft Publication Scheme A9-Publication-Scheme-4.3.2020.pdf 831.6 KB Draft Management and Retention Policy A10-Management-and-Retention-of-Documents-Policy-4.3.2020.pdf 790.7 KB Draft Email Policy A11-Email-Policy-4.3.2020.pdf 375.7 KB Bradenstoke Lighting A11.1-Proposals-for-improved-lighting-at-Bradenstoke-Junction-28.2.2020.pdf 178.1 KB Proposed Lights (Plan A) A11.2-Bradenstoke-lights-PLAN-A.pdf 602.3 KB Proposed Lights (Plan B) A11.3-Bradenstoke-Lights-PLAN-B.pdf 638.1 KB Proposed Costings (Plan A) A11.4-Bradenstoke-Lighting-BOQ-28.2.2020.pdf 9.1 KB Proposed Costings (Plan B) A11.5-Bradenstoke-Lighting-BOQ-2-28.2.2020.pdf 9.1 KB Breifing Note 20-11 A11.6-Briefing-note-20-11-Working-in-partnership-with-Town-and-Parish-Councils-(1)-26.2.2020.pdf 147.2 KB Sovereign Quote A12-Sovereign-Compliance-Info-and-Ordering-Pack---4.3.2020.pdf 2.8 MB Aplin Quote A13-S-J-Aplin-quote---4.3.2020.pdf 144.8 KB Facebook Proposal A14-Motion-Facebook-Proposal---26.2.2020.pdf 600.4 KB Bench Donation Report A15-Bench-donation-report-4.3.2020.pdf 244.4 KB Bench Donations Costing A16-Ainsworth-Bench-TDP-quote-27.2.2020.pdf 82.2 KB Spring Clean 2020 A17-Spring-Clean-2020---25.2.2020.pdf 390.9 KB St Micheals - Request for a support Letter A18-letter-of-support---St-Michael's-Church.pdf 278.4 KB Briefing Note 20-10A A19-Briefing-note-20-10-A-summary-of-the-governments-£220m-“better-deal-for-bus-users”.pdf 834.4 KB

Please be aware that item 17 on the Agenda refers to Confidential Minutes from the 11 February 2020.  Due to the sensitive nature of these minutes, they are exempt from the public and will not be open to public inspection now or in the future.