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Council Documents

Parish Councils are the first tier of local government in England, and as such, they have to work within the law.  These laws range from the Localism Act 2010 to the Local Government Act 1894, they include Planning legislation, Equality legislation, Employment legislation, Financial Legislation, Public Health legislation, Highway Acts, Opens Space legislation and so on. All this legislation has to be interpreted and implemented in a way that is legal and makes sense. 

The following sections contain the Governing Documents, Policies and Procedures that all the Parish Council to function within the law.  

The table below lists SOME of the many duties and powers of a Local Parish Council (in England)

Function Legislation Power/Duty

In addition to the Annual Meeting a Council must hold at least 3 meetings a year

Local Government Act 1972,

Schedule 12, 8(1)


Appointment a Responsible Finance Officer

Local Government Act 1972,

Section 151, 


Acquire and maintain land for public recreation

Public Health Act 1875,

Schedule 164


Repair and maintain public footpaths & bridleways

Highways Act 1980,

schedule43 & schedule 50


Acquire and maintain land for open spaces

Open spaces Act 1906,

Schedules 9 and 10


Act as a leading body for Neighbourhood Development Plan

Localism Act 2011,

Schedule 9


Provide and maintain bus shelters

Local Government Act 1972,

s14 (6)