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Meetings of the Parish Council

All meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of the month, they start at 7.00 pm and are held in Lyneham Village Hall and at Bradenstoke Village Hall each on alternative months.

If meetings are required in January and August they will be held in Bradenstoke Village Hall or Lyneham Village Hall respectively.

All meetings are open to the public and the public has the opportunity to participate, to raise questions or make comments.

January – No meeting unless required (Bradenstoke)

February – Full meeting (Lyneham)

March – Full meeting (Bradenstoke)

April – Full meeting (Lyneham)

May – Annual Parish Meeting followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting (Bradenstoke)

June – Full meeting (Lyneham)

July – Full meeting (Bradenstoke)

August – No meeting unless required (Lyneham)

September – Full meeting (Bradenstoke)

October – Full meeting (Lyneham)

November – Full meeting (Bradenstoke)

December – Full meeting (Lyneham)