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Agenda for February 2020

Meeting Agenda (A1)Agenda-11.2.2020.pdf 410.8 KB Minutes from 14 January 2020 (A2)Minutes-14.1.2020.pdf 424.1 KB Planning Committee Report (A4)Planning-report---11.2.2020.pdf 264 KB Planning Application Brief - Lednock House (A4)Planning-Lednock-House-Bradenstoke-5.2.2020.pdf 431.4 KB Planning Application Brief - 43 Lancaster Square (A4)Planning-43-Lancaster-Square---5.2.2020.pdf 435.5 KB Councillor Responsibilities (A5)Councillor-Responsibilities---revised-11.2.2020.pdf 247.6 KB Proposed Code of Conduct (A6)draft-Code-of-Conduct---5.2.2020.pdf 469.9 KB Proposed Public Participation Policy (A6)Public-Participation-5.2.2020.pdf 248.1 KB Proposed Press and Media Policy (A6)Press-&-Media-Policy-5.2.2020.pdf 270 KB Proposed Vexatious Requests and Complaints Policy (A6)Vexatious-Requests-Complaints-Policy-5.2.2020.pdf 515.2 KB Proposed ToRs for the Finance Committe (A6)TORs---Finance-Committee-5.2.2020.pdf 206.3 KB Proposed ToRs for the HR Sub Committe (A6)TORs---Human-Resources-Sub-Committee-5.2.2020.pdf 206.3 KB Zero Tolernace Statement (A6)Zero-Tolerance-Statement-5.2.2020.pdf 95.2 KB Bank Rec bank-rec-31.1.2020.pdf 226.5 KB Spend v Budget Page 1 spend-v-budget-31.1.2020.pdf 462.6 KB Spend v Budget Page 2 spend-v-budget-2.pdf 248.8 KB Signed off AGAR (A7)WI0152-AGAR-(1).pdf 183.2 KB External Audit Report (A7)External-Audit-report-&-cert-2018.19.pdf 184.9 KB Detail of Objections Fees (A7)detail-of-objection-fees---4.2.2020.pdf 341.1 KB Additional Fees (A7)Additional-charges-ext-audit-2018.19.pdf 8.3 KB Audit Closure Letter (A7)WI0152_closureletter-external-audot-2018.19.pdf 281.9 KB Enad of Year Accounts Report (A7)Year-end-accounts-19.20-report.pdf 485 KB End of Year Quote (A7)Year-End-Accounts-online-Preparation-Quote-(1).pdf 42.1 KB CATG Notes (A9)2019_12_18-RWBC-CATG-meeting-notes.pdf 906.5 KB Highway Improvements (A9)Briefing-Note---Highway-improvements-and-Traffic-Survey-requests.pdf 196 KB Grant Application - Lyneham Village Hall grant-app---Lyneham-Village-Hall-p1-merged.pdf 2.4 MB Youth Club Report (A10)Youth-Club-Quarterly-Report-Jan2019.pdf 443.6 KB Best Kept Village (A12)Best-Kept-Village-2020---5.2.2020.pdf 377.4 KB

Please note Item 15 and 16

  • Exclusion of members of the Public and Press In accordance with the provisions of Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 that the press and public be excluded from the meeting by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.
  • This exempt session is to discuss two reports from the External Auditor relating to objections to the 2018/2019 Annual Governance & Accountability Return made by an elector, the additional costs of those objections, the circumstances surrounding the objections and how such costs and objections could be mitigated in the future. The External Auditor has stated that this must be discussed by Councillors and must be discussed in Confidential session.

The items discussed in this section of the meeting are excluded from future publication and future inspection in accordance with the laws around confidentiality.