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Minutes from 2019

Shortcomings with the recording of minutes during part of 2019.

In November 2018 the Parish Clerk (E Martch-Harry) resigned and a new Parish Clerk (L Clerke) was not recruited until April 2019. 

During this time, the minutes and agendas were produced by the Councillors including the Chair of the Council whilst a new Parish Clerk was recruited. 

When recruited, the new clerk was unqualified and was not prepared for the type and amount of work that was expected.  As a result, only agendas exist for much of the period and correct record-keeping was not carried out.

It is known that informal notes were taken by members of the public who attended many of these meetings, but as these are not formal records these have not been included here.

This means that for February, March, April, May, July and September 2019 there are no formal signed minutes of any decision made by the council

This Clerk (L Clark) left the Parish Council in November 2019 and was replaced with a CiCLA qualified Clerk (A Kingdon), who from digital recordings was able to reconstruct minutes for October and November 2019.

These shortcoming has been fully declared to both the Internal and External Auditors, and we have been able to demonstrate to them that we now have systems in place to prevent this from happening again.  Both the Internal and External Auditors are content with what we have put in place.